Working on Some Things.

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working on things

I’ve decided to go at this at this whole blog thing from a different angle – make it more of a priority with a structured publishing schedule. So, I’ve taken all my posts down to give me a bit of structure into how I might start posting in the future.

By building a base, I hope to build a good foundation and start a posting schedule in 2017. In that time I plan on working on new poems (which is a constant), short stories (something I want to develop more) and whatever else I can think of. In addition, I want to make this place a bit more lively. Before it was the same generic bullshit with every post. My hope is to develop something a bit more dynamic without repetition.

Stop by in the coming weeks and months for updates.

Nick Furi
While Nick Furi might have the same name of a superhero, he wouldn't last a minute against a swarm of Chitauri. Though he does have a secret identity: he is a content marketer by day and by night is a lonely hermit of a writer that likes to hide in quite pubs or be alone in his room.

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