About Me

Writing is such a weird complex thing. Sometimes the words flow easily, with no end in sight. Then, unexpectedly, words scatter, running and hiding from your mind, taking all your effort to scrounge up a couple clicks and clacks, before tapping them onto the screen. No matter how long it takes, or how many words you suffocate with your adoration (a.k.a The Elmyra), the desire to scribble words onto any piece of scrap paper courses through every fiber in your body.

As these words sear your brain, they flake off and travel down your head with a rush, filling your essence with ecstasy. Like snowflakes, each one their own intense beauty, words flutter and float to your shoulders, inching their way closer and closer, exploding down the arms like a rollercoaster. Finally, the electricity in your fingers shoots each letter, each word, onto page until, one by one, a story starts to form.

My story is a weird one, and a long one. But, you can read the poems, songs and stories I’ve written here.