Keep Writing

Your reflection in the water
Perfect; beautiful
Happiness ripples
From love’s thrown stone

The birds and bees scatter
Easing the frogs,
Resting contently on lilypads
The flowers gloom
Without companions
No way to bloom

One trusted bee,
Travelling across the encompassing sea
Pollinates happiness

The one time God’s rays stand true
Pushing daisies past death
Onward, spawning new life

Basking in the warmth of the sun
Enjoying the beautiful, effervescent day
A wondrous melody explodes from above
Hidden and voluptuous

I yearn to hear more
Hopeful and witty
Smart and eclectic
Sharp and quick
Cherished and slowed
Vast and all consuming
Yet, always

Reflection in the water haunts
A frightened shock and surprise
The sea,
Oh the sea,
Seagulls flock to the shells on the beach